Babymate is a multi-baby, full-featured, beautiful and fun tool designed to help parents track their babies’ growth and development.

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Featured by Apple editorial as "new and noteworthy", considered by many as the best baby app out there, Babymate is packed with lots of features in a simple and intuitive interface.

What Are People Saying?

  • "Babymate is the best app ever for keeping track of your baby's most important information!!! Apart from being intuitive and easy to use, it offers a beautiful interface. "
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What's In It?

  • A beautiful and powerful baby tracking tool.
  • Intuitive controls, elegant design.
  • Multi-baby support throughout.
  • Log feeding, sleep, diaper, vaccine and temperature information and get basic statistics.
  • Customize your own vaccine schedule with auto-reminders.
  • Height, weight and head growth charts with trend lines and percentile calculator.
  • Fully customizable growth milestones chart.
  • Event manager with iOS Calendar integration and reminders.
  • 130+ articles in Knowledge base.
  • Easy backup and sharing via Mail.
  • Customizable measurement units (metric/imperial).
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