A multi-baby, full-featured, beautiful and fun tool designed to help parents track their babies’ growth and development.


A shopping list organizer focused on simplicity and usability, ideal for frequent shoppers with no interest in complicated tools.


A practical medical prescription organizer for you and your family, so you'll never again forget to take your meds.


    24-Nov-2012. Finally, all our apps are iOS 6 and iPhone 5 compatible. Enjoy! Please keep contacting us when you have questions, suggestions or any other problem.

    1-Feb-2012. Introducing Babymate 2.0!!! Our biggest update yet, now freemium.

    18-Dec-2011. Shopmate v1.9 is now available, with new features including collapsible sections.

    22-Sep-2011. Introducing Medimate!!! We hope you love it, as we do. We're also launching Shopmate v1.8, which represents the greatest update ever, introducing numerous features requested by users and a revamped UI.

    10-Aug-2011. Shopmate v1.7.2 is out, adding dutch language and fixing an annoying Foursquare bug, plus other minor details.

    14-Jul-2011. Some users have reported a crash after the latest update of Babymate. Please contact us if it happens to you, and we'll help you RECOVER your data!

    2-Jul-2011. It's out! Babymate v1.9 is now available! A big improvement in features and stability. The best version ever!

    8-Jun-2011. Shopmate v1.7 is now available! We finally gave up and added item quantities and prices. We hope you enjoy it and please let us know how we can continually improve it.

    1-Jun-2011. Shopmate v1.7 is on the way. Expect a slight change in paradigm...

    13-May-2011. A comprehensive update to Shopmate v1.6 is now available in the App Store. We've included numerous new features requested by users. Please keep them coming!

    21-Mar-2011. Shopmate v1.5 is out with cool new features. If you experience trouble with this update, please DELETE and REINSTALL the app. We're truly sorry for the inconvenience!

    3-Mar-2011. Babymate v1.8 has been released! A usability-improving, bug-fixing update.

    17-Feb-2011. Babymate v1.7.3 and Shopmate v1.4.2 are out. See? We update our apps constantly.

    9-Feb-2011. CELEBRATING ONE YEAR on the App Store, this week we'll offer 50% discount on all our paid apps, Babymate and Shopmate!!!

    8-Feb-2011. New updates available: Babymate v1.7.2 and Shopmate v1.4.1 include some bug fixes and UI improvements.

    31-Jan-2011. Babymate v1.7.1 has been realeased, fixing an annoying but when adding new measures from the graph view. Also, a small indicator for events with reminders has been added.

    27-Jan-2011. Shopmate v1.4 is out and includes support for 4 new languages (german, french, italian, spanish).

    05-Jan-2011. Shopmate v1.3.1 has been released, fixes a small bug when connecting to Foursquare.

    04-Jan-2011. Shopmate v1.3 is out! Lots of improvements in store listing and management, plus numerous bug fixes.

    29-Dec-2010. Babymate has been selected as a featured app by Skyhook Wireless for it's use of the excellent Local Faves location-based framework.

    22-Dec-2010. New updates available! Babymate v1.7 includes an improved Settings tab and new event reminder options, and Shopmate v1.2 includes optional Foursquare integration and some UI enhancements.

    18-Oct-2010. New update for Babymate is already available on the App Store. Babymate v1.6 is a massive update with numerous new features and bug fixes.

    27-Sep-2010. Shopmate v1.0.1 is available on the App Store.

    17-Sep-2010. Just posted an update to Shopmate v1.0.1, which fixes a bug that crashes the app the first time it loads.

    17-Sep-2010. Introducing Shopmate v1.0, Babymate’s sister app for managing shopping lists.

    11-Aug-2010. Babymate version 1.5 is out! Finally, iOS4 compatibility and retina display artwork and graphs!

    1-Jul-2010. Babymate version 1.4.2 available. Improved some usability issues and a rather nasty bug which deleted vaccine events on every update.

    13-Jun-2010. Update Babymate to version 1.4.1 is out. Added a few fixes and tweaks.

    2-Jun-2010. New Babymate version 1.4 released! Awesome new “Community” feature lets parents get connected and share experiences with other Babymate parents worldwide. Made possible by Local Faves!

    14-May-2010. Posted a new update to Babymate version 1.3.1, which fixes some important bugs (particularly in “Import”), improves percentiles calculation and adds new features.

    2-May-2010. New Babymate version 1.3 just released. Plenty of new features like multiple babies in growth charts and data import, plus some bug fixes.

    1-Apr-2010. New Babymate version 1.2 now available. We’ve introduced new and amazing features!

    24-Mar-2010. Babymate included in the Top 10 “Health and Fitness” apps of the US iTunes App Store and Top 3 in several other countries!

    23-Mar-2010. Babymate has just been featured in the “New and Noteworthy” section of the iTunes App Store by Apple’s editorial.

    19-Mar-2010. Just posted a new update to Babymate version 1.1.1, which fixes an elusive bug where Calendar would crash for certain non-english languages!

    16-Mar-2010. New Babymate version 1.1 now available. Check out the great new features!

    8-Mar-2010. Babymate update coming soon! Bug fixes, UI enhancements and some new features...

    3-Mar-2010. A couple of users have reported a crash in the Calendar tab. I'm investigating the issue and will post an update as soon as possible. Sorry for the inconvenience!

    26-Feb-2010. A FREE, limited version of Babymate is now available on the App Store. Try it out! If you enjoy it please purchase the full version.

    11-Feb-2010. Babymate is now available on the App Store. Startup price is US$ 2.99.