Medimate a practical medical prescription organizer for you and your family, so you'll never again forget to take your meds.

Based on a simple, intuitive interface and a selected set of powerful features, Medimate will assist you in organizing your medical recipes, customizing your medicine catalog and understanding your usage patterns.

What's In It?

  • Create medical recipes for any member of the family, selecting who will take which medicine, in what dose, with what frequency and for how long.
  • Set additional notes for each recipe to store your doctor’s indications.
  • View your medicine reminders in a convenient list or in a calendar view.
  • Define the period of the day in which you wish to receive reminder notifications.
  • Postpone pending medicine reminders to a custom date.
  • Pause and resume recipes at any time.
  • Select medicines to take from the preset medicine catalog (with 280 of the most commonly used medicines in 30 categories), from previous recipes or from your "favorites”.
  • Add/edit/delete medicines from the preset medicine catalog.
  • Add/edit/delete medicine categories and reorganize the order of appearance to suit your specific needs.
  • Search for medicines by name, component and category.
  • Sort your medicine lists alphabetically or by category, and just "shake" your iPhone to change it.
  • Share your medical recipes by Mail with your doctor and family members.
  • Gather insight about your usage patterns and statistics.
  • Multi-language, currently supporting english, french, german, italian and spanish.