Shopmate is a shopping list organizer focused on simplicity and usability, ideal for frequent shoppers with no interest in complicated tools.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Over forty-five 5-star reviews from satisfied customers!

Based on a simple, intuitive interface and a selected set of powerful features, Shopmate will assist you in organizing all your shopping trips, customizing your ideal product catalog and understanding your shopping patterns.

What Are People Saying?

  • "This really is the ultimate shopping app. It does everything I need and much more."
  • "This is the best, most useful app on my devices! Easy to use for making the lists and while shopping. My lists are now more complete and I am not forgetting to get things I have to go back for. Fantastic!!"
  • "Outstanding! By far the best shopping program I've ever seen or used."
  • "This is great! You can have multiple stores and lists. It looks clean, well organized and easy to use! I'm so happy I found it. I've tried other apps and this is by far the best!"
  • "Awesome. Finally a fully customizable list for all my shopping needs. Bonus feature of being able to map out store locations to better plan your route. I have been waiting a while for this one."
  • "I love your app Shopmate, it's very useful when I go to supermarket and shops! :)"
  • "Super simple and practical. Love it with each update."
  • "I really like this app, I see some innovative features."
  • "It is quite straightforward to use while having enough features to make it useful."
  • "Very good shopping list manager, super simple and useful."

What's In It?

  • Create a shopping list each time you need to go shopping. Don't delete your lists!
  • View your shopping trips in a calendar or map view.
  • Select items from the preset product catalog (with 220+ products), from previous shopping trips or from your "favorite" lists.
  • Use a predictive list to create your next shopping list based on your shopping patterns.
  • Add/edit/delete products from the preset product catalog.
  • Add/edit/delete product categories and reorganize the order of appearance to suit your specific needs.
  • Sort your product lists alphabetically or by category, and just "shake" your iPhone to change it.
  • Easily set quantities and prices for each item on your shopping list.
  • Compare item prices and let Shopmate automatically price items according to your history.
  • Set notes and bookmarks for each item.
  • Keep a record of how much you ended up paying on each shopping trip, specifying cash, credit and coupons on different currencies.
  • Count of pending items in shopping list shows as app icon badge.
  • Add/edit/delete your stores and venues where you’ve shopped.
  • Share (export/import) your shopping lists by Mail and SMS message (where available).
  • Manage your favorite product lists like "veggies", "fruits", "weekly groceries", etc. Shopmate comes with six preset favorite lists.
  • Gather insight about your shopping patterns and statistics.
  • Multi-language, currently supporting english, french, german, dutch, italian and spanish.